Vetmanage is...

Affordable. The Vetmanage software package is only 240$ per workstation or 1500$ for unlimited workstations for the fully featured small animal version. All prices include email support and free software updates over the Internet. And we save you money in more ways than just costing less than the competition.

Easy to use. Vetmanage was designed and implemented in a hands on environment at a veterinary clinic, where everyone who uses the software has input into the design. We not only wrote the software but we have used it as well. All of your patients records are right there and easily accessible to veterinarians to allow quick and efficient work.

Ready for the future. Even though the software is already designed to handle two-hundred thousand pet records without a problem. We are always looking for ways to make sure we can continue to meet your practice's needs and keep you up and running without costing you more.

Reliable. The Vetmanage software package is build on a two tier design that prevents costly data loss, in addition it has been tested under the most demanding conditions possible to ensure that it will stay running so you can keep your practice running.